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We have partnered with a number of leading financiers in Canada to make car loan financing much easier. We offer many financing services that will get you the automobile you are looking for. Below are the benefits of applying for a car loan with us:


Repayment plans that last in the seven year range


Reasonable interest rates which can either be fixed or variable


Simple plans of payment that you pay weekly , bi-weekly ,monthly or semi-monthly.


There is no penalty if you pay off the loan early.


Getting a loan for large automobiles too, including business cars.


Your interest rate is locked in for the entire term


Your amortization term which means how long it takes to pay off your loan, can go up to 7 years.


You will know exactly how much interest you'll pay over the loan term

Fixed Interest vs. Variable Interest

Variable Interest

•Allows you to save money if the interest rates fall further or are already low.
• If interest rates goes up, the payments will stay the same, but your repayment terms will increase. • If interest rates fall, the payments will stay the same and your repayment term will decrease allowing you to pay off your loan sooner .
• You can change to a fixed rate at any time if rates go up.

Fixed Interest

•Your payment amount and term will not be affected by changes in interest rates.
• You can switch to a variable rate at any time if rates fall.

What is needed?

☑ Social Insurance Number
☑ Your monthly mortgage or rent amount
☑ A rough idea of how much you would like to borrow
☑ Current address
☑ the total amounts of your monthly payments
☑ Your income (amount and sources)


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For reliable car loans services in Canada, we are the right place to call. For decades, we have been offering car loans services which are unparalleled and unmatched. Our services reach every territory and province in the country. Rescuing you from financial difficulties arising from repossession, bankruptcy, medical bills or from the loss of a job is what we do. We connect you with the most reliable auto dealers in the country making sure that you have purchased your dream car. We take great pride for being one of the few places in the country where people with bad credit can turn to for auto loans. We help them get their dream car in a process that is smooth, quick and hassle free. Click for a auto loan today!

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We will be more than happy to serve you regardless of whether your credit score is poor or you have no credit at all. Striving to offer unbeatable car loans services to all our highly esteemed customers is our number one priority. Quick approvals and reasonable rates of interests is what makes us stand out in the car loan industry.

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We have the experience, knowledge and skills needed in order for you to be approved for automobile financing. By applying for financial assistance through our network of dealers and lenders, you rest assured that you will be served quickly and approved fast regardless of your less-than-perfect credit standing. You will find yourself driving a dependable, […]

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We have been in the car loan industry for the longest and this has enabled us to establish a network of reliable work partners, dealers and lenders. The positive feedback and reviews that we have continued to receive has helped us establish and maintain our reputation of being the best car loans services provider. We […]